Every client has a slightly different motivation to obtain multiple citizenship rights. A few of the most common are as follows:

  1. The educational system and work environment for their children in their home country is sub-optimal or their children may be at a disadvantage. B: the provider of a global education
  2. The local civil or political situation is fragile or broken and may, without notice, negatively affect quality of life or trap citizens in the country when deemed undesirable immigrants. B: able to move your family to safety
  3. International business people and families with a global lifestyle (or those who wish they had one) are held back by visa restrictions and requirements due to their nationality. B: free to travel without a visa

Every client proceeds with the intention and desire to acquire citizenship.  However, it is possible that a government will not accept you. It takes serious time and energy to ensure your chance of obtaining citizenship is maximized. We therefore provide a guarantee whereby we do not charge client fees until we acquire positive approval for citizenship from the government. B: satisfied, our guarantee

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