About Our Firm

Message from the Founder

“I am a dual national with over a decade of experience navigating private clients and their families through each of the citizenship-by-investment acts available in the world today. I enjoy knowing and personally assisting our clients in a manner that is impossible in a large corporate environment. I incorporated my first company in 2005 and for the first two years I knew every client personally and exceeded the expectation of every client. Due to exceptional business success the number of clients grew drastically and, following expansion and a merger, the personal touch with every client was lost. This is why, today, I commit that no office will take on more than two new clients each month, and I will provide a personal consultation by phone with every client considering the acquisition of citizenship by investment or significant contribution. I look forward to working with you and your family.”

— Andrew

Andrew J. Taylor
Founder and Managing Director
B Multinational (PTY) Ltd.