European Citizenship

Acquire European Citizenship

The acquisition of citizenship rights from multiple countries can be done by satisfying certain naturalization requirements. We specifically and exclusively focus on naturalization in Europe by significant investment or contribution. Each country has its own unique citizenship act, regulations, and processes.

To naturalize this way in Europe:

  • EUR 1.0 – 2.5 million of capital is required
  • The time frame can be as little as 6 months
  • Various due diligence criteria must be met and an applicant will always require a clean criminal record

European citizenship is ideal if you:

  • Wish to acquire the best value and stability from holding a second or third citizenship
  • Seek the freedom and rights for yourself, family, and future generations to live, work, and study in 31 different countries;
  • Desire an additional passport to enhance the ability to travel without notice and be able to stay in any European country for an indefinite amount of time without a visa

If these considerations match your current mindset, you may qualify for citizenship in Europe by either making a donation to a government fund (minimum EUR 650,000), or by the acquisition of a qualifying asset (minimum EUR 2 million).

  • Donation: Ideal you wish to minimize the upfront cost of European citizenship and you are not concerned with a 12 month timeline or  making a donation of at least EUR 650,000
  • Acquisition (Asset): Ideal if you prefer to qualify for citizenship through the acquisition of an asset to the value of at least EUR 2 million and you would like citizenship within 6 months

Additional government and processing fees apply to the above minimums and will vary from country to country.

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